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Santa Barbara, a cool place!

I have had the pleasure to visit the Santa Barbara wine country twice now, and it’ a real treat! Fantastic wines and fantastic people. I’m glad we are seeing more SB wines in Sweden. Already planing for my next visit. Stay tuned! Here is my feature in Allt...

Come visit Colares

Colares in Portugal is one of my favorite places in the wine world. A very special wine and a very special story. Here is my feature in Allt om Vin! Allt om Vin 23 februari 2022 _Colares

Savoie photos are now upploaded to my library

237 photos from the great trip to Savoie are now uploaded. Article is being written and will appear in Allt om Vin magazine next year!
First trip in 24 month and its Savoie!

First trip in 24 month and its Savoie!

Finally! Four great days in Savoie with good wines and great people. I just came back from the wine region of Savoie in France. Situated by the foot of the Alps, it has a slightly different terroir than other parts of France. The wines are excellent and I’m...